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Elite Events Santorini

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Destination weddings in Santorini, Greece. Visit Elite Events Santorini .

Organizing unique weddings, parties and events, is something that requires special care, a lot of work and great attention to details. Elite Events Santorini undertakes the organization of an important event from the first step to the last , with professionalism , consistency, unique quality services, joviality, positive energy and endless imagination .

Elite Events Santorini is an extension of Elite Events London and Elite Events Athens, known as event management companies specializing in customized events ranging from corporate to weddings to lifestyle events, providing a unique service in management with an emphasis on detail, quality & creativity.
The many years of experience and the correct structure of Elite Events allows the creation , organization and implementation of any event based on customer requirements , without any restriction.

After the successful collaboration between Tina and Peny Xourafi with Elite Events London, the British Society chose our country, Greece, to introduce us to the uniqueness of a dreamy tailor-made wedding.. to the unique experience of a traditional afternoon "Tea Gathering", to the acquisition of unique handmade wedding invitations and favors...all of them inspired by English finesse.

Elite Events Athens, Event Management Company, opened its doors in April 2009 , with a valuable asset the 11 years experience in a demanding market , the London-based , where professionalism and aesthetics is not an advantage , but a prerequisite for the successful organization of a event.
Those who were fortunate enough to attend the wedding receptions created by two owners Tina & Peny Xourafi describe.. 'Art de la table' taken out of dream, 'haute couture' floral creations & enviable unusual and unique ideas for the Greek reality !
Only Elite Events team knows the secret recipe ! It will never be revealed , but we can just get a taste !

Specializing in themed events, Elite Events team has the magic touch and can transform your venue into whatever your imagination dictates. In this way your event acquires identity, and the result corresponds perfectly to your personality .

For each event , the company takes care of venue (and church) research and selection, decoration and layout , catering, happenings, favors and invitations ( unique creations of Elite Events for clients with special taste and aesthetics ) , helps you choosing wedding dress ( exclusive partnerships with bridal salons ) , gifts for your guests, music (dj and live) , lighting , sound, and services such as photography , filming , reception , seating arrangement, parking, special transports etc.

The company also specializes in Destination Weddings with exclusive partnerships in Santorini, Athens, London , Florence and Tuscany , organizing for you a special honeymoon , an original event on yacht, a journey for a surprise wedding proposal where all the happenings and activities will have common denominator originality and unique sense of luxury .

Indulge in ... Elite Events magic hands and enjoy an event beyond the ordinary!